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21 professors europeus visiten el Prat dins un projecte ‘Erasmus’

Dear pupils, teachers, families and followers!
Here is the video from "El Prat TV" about our project and the mobility to SEC Can Rigol, Barcelona, Spain. All participants are having a good time and many opportunities to exchange experiences and good educational practices. 
In this video you will also find an interview to Rosa Rodríguez (Headmistress in SEC Can Rigol), Stamoula Mourelatou (the general coordinator of our project, from Greece) and Heike Bauer (German coordinator). 
Enjoy the video! 

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Interview with Erasmus+school coordinator Mrs Tanja Nikolovski - Ptujska televizija PeTV

Interview with Erasmus+school coordinator Tanja Nikolovski from primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj on "Ptujska televizija  PeTV". 
Mrs. Nikolovski present and talk about Erasmus+ international project "ArtEmotion xpress in Europe".

Interview conducted by journalist from Ptujska televizija  PeTV,  Mrs. Stanka Kranjc Letonja
April, 2016

DISSEMINATION of project "ArtEmotion Xpress in Europe" in Poland

During two visits we showed the information about our Erasmus+ project, we had discussion about the methods and techniques used in art therapy with SEN students, the visitors took part in workshops for students and saw the results of our programme.

- 14 April 2016 - visit of the authorities of Dnipropietrovsk Oblast, Ukraine in ZSS nr 6.
- 12 May 2016 - visit of the professors of Poltava Oblast, Ukraine in ZSS nr 6.

Patrycya Paytlik, Polish Erasmus+ school coordinator


Getting to know an Local artist: CARTOONIST - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia


Within the activities of local artist presentations, the students of the 8th, 9th grade researched biography, art work of local artist. They chose cartoonist Mr. Boris Miočinovići.
Mr. Boris Miočinović

He  is known in Ptuj  and  is very active in the cultural field. For operation in the cultural field in the municipality of Ptuj,  this year, on the Slovenian national cultural day, he  received the highest municipal award, »GRAND OIL LAMP« ( Velika oljenka )

Velika Oljenka

Our Students have studied his biography, also they have come to know the characteristics of the caricature. They had study three of his books of caricature  "History of Ptuj in caricature." Watching them they were very  excited and they laughed a lot.  Autor publishes his caricature  in magazines and  newspapers, on various occasions. He drew more than 2,000 caricatures.
All relevant data, the students condense on the poster and it presented at the workshops.

 On Tuesday, 12. 4. 2016, 12 pupils from 5th to 9th grade and the pupils from PPVI  under his mentorships Marija Arnuš and Alenka Kosem, paint  portrait caricature. In the introduction, Mr. Miočinović  presented to the students the characteristics of portrait caricatures. He brought some of his caricatures.

 The workshop was held in two hours. At the end of the workshop, the artist drew some caricatures of pupils. Pupils were keen with interest listened to the artist and follow his advice. He promised them that each will get their caricature. In May, we will prepare an exabition of students and his caricatures  in a school ERASMUS + corner.

The selection of pupils for the workshop with Mr  Miočinović is conducted by Mrs Alenka Kosem – art teacher, who »took  students on the caricature trip« during the classes of the art.

Activity prepared by: Alenka Kosem and Marija Arnuš


Impressions of the 2nd short term joint staff training and learning activity in Can Rigol School Barcelona - Slovenian team

Tanja Knehtl, occupational therapist, from Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Personally, I like warm, vivid colors and these are accompanied me every step in the school. Just the atmosphere and the relationship between the students and the staff was very pleasant. I enjoyed socializing and outdoor activities. I like the presentation of daily activities, which are also presented how important activities for independent living are (ironing, folding clothes, making beds beds, sewing, ...).
 I got  many ideas  in the classroom, where students are engaged in the work for the teachers's  needs  (cutting, stapling, laminating, production of teaching material, ...). Thank you for the opportunity that we had with the students in the workshops, so in this way we feelt  the atmosphere and the students  too. School bar was something very special, and the students were great  Caterers. 

My impressions while visiting school CEE Can Rigol is very positive, thanks to the students and the staff for the warm welcome and all the activities that they  prepared for us.  I got many ideas, which  they can be use in my work.

Alenka Kosem, Art Teacher from Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Barcelona and El Prat de Llobregat are  cities with a rich history, architecture, great temperament and also I have experienced like that too. With the daily activities in the school CEE CAN RIGOL  I  captivated with character of the people, their peaceful pace of life, which is reflected on a very friendly professional school staff and indirectly on students. At this calm, you get the feeling that everybody on the easier way  overcome obstacles and conquering new knowledge and experience. Even the visual image of the school, equipped with art products full of diverse colors expresses warmth and cosiness.
With carefully choosing and great prepared activities which we  attended, you realize the importance of the integration of intercultural education in different areas of school work and increasing the socio-cultural awareness, integration, inclusion and thus the quality of education. Such activities contribute to the breaking down of borders between countries, cultures, languages ... but also borders within ourselves, which we may not be aware of.

Tanja Nikolovski, special teacher and school Erasmus+ coordinator

Visited school CEE Can Rigol has been fantastic experiance: I've met marvelous teachers and learnt  lot from their, got many useful ideas for my work with students and really enjoyed every single moment in all the activities you have arranged for us. I saw  many very entusiastic teachers.
I like the Colourful of the school places. It is evident that all the school staff entirely dedicated to this difficult profession. Every visitors of the CEE CAN RIGOL school can feel  like at home, and very warm welcome. The time and emotions I've felt with the teachers and students from your school I will remember forever.
Also We saw how much you have done for the success of every activity of the programme. Visited amazing places in El Prat de Llobregat,  Barcelona and Sigets gave me unforgettable moments. Thanks for all these things and thanks to have hosted us in your beautiful country.

"PAINTING MUSIC" - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia


During the art lessons, first we repeated the characteristics of different stripes and colors. Depending on the shape, thickness, length, ...we can  also determine  the character of the line. Therefore, we can say that the lines can be gentle, bold, coarse, fearful, fine, elegant, clumsy, serious, dramatic ... straight line expresses a certain hardness, stiffness, sharpness, rigor, coldness, fault line, in contrast to the flat soft, warm, emotional.

Even colors can have different effect on us. At many cases, we found that some color  operating uncomfortable on us - we are talking about screaming, dirty, toxic colors. However, when the color effect on us pleasant, then we are talking about moderate, mild, nice, clean colors. Colors also can provoke  people  in very emotional mood, soothe or even can  irritate them.  When rendering motif through color and line we always expressed a mood.

Next step with students was conversation shifted to the music. Students were listen two songs and expressed their emotions  through the painting. We found that the music affects us in a different ways. At some tracks become thoughtful, sad ... while others of us may wake up, enliven and put us in a cheerful mood.

This was followed by the announcement of tasks. Most of the pupils at the first track, "Adagio in G Minor" (Tomaso Albinoni) reflect the gentle, soft lines and subtle colors. The resulting addresses are works of art: The awakening of nature, Funeral, Violin ... When playing the second song "Fire Dance" (Manuel de Falla) the atmosphere was completely different. The song was raise strong, unpleasant, dramatic emotion to the  pupils. Artworks were created in dark colors with harsh lines. They named them: Runing away from a Stranger, Breeze, Storm, Fight animal, Rushing River ...

Students of the lower classes they felt an event in the music and they visualized it, while the students in the last course,  created mostly abstract motifs played with the  lines and colors.

Alenka Kosem, Art Teacher 


News about our mobility in Barcelona, Spain in our local newspaper "Tribuna" from Sibiu.

( article in the newspaper Tribuna, Sibiu, Romania. )

Teachers from Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Greece and Spain