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It is proposed to children to experience and create a book based on six emotions: joy, anger, fear, sadness, surprise and disgust.
Two groups from CEE Can Rigol School participate in this process.
Preschool children starting from images and expressions from the book “The feelings” They experience and play with emotions, with facial expressions, in order to do it artistically with painting and the collage of images and objects.
Junior High School previously worked three emotions: happy, sad and angry, 
through music therapy sessions. Subsequently, they are based on the book "The monster of colors”, which relates emotions with colors. Children experiment with paint and collage techniques to represent the emotions of joy, fear and surprise.
The variety of experiences, facial, visual and plastic expressions have achieved that, while enjoying, children were making the pages of the Emotions Book, which we have entitled “Colorful emotions”.
We hope you enjoy it as much as the boys and girls who have participated.
Soon we will show you the video with the detailed process.
Thank you



Students from Curricular Diversification Project in SEC Can Rigol developed this activity guided by their tutor, Cristina Cifré, and the art teacher, Jaume Albadó. Pupils studied the life and work of Antoni Tàpies and made their own works using the same techniques used by the artist. Enjoy it!"


"EMOTION BOOK" - created by students from school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia.

Phase of "writing"  the Book of Emotions:

1.) First we talked with students about feelings, 
reviewed a book on emotions, looking on the 
web faces with different emotions.

2.) On the second step students played a game-
with faces showed different emotions to their 

3.) Third step: On the wood panels students Kaja, Andrej, 
Daniel and Žan from department of PPVI, 
drawn faces with emotions-joy, sadness, love 
and fear .

4.) Fourth step: Students bonding natural materials with 
Mekol adhesive.

5.) Materials which we used: earth, sticks and pieces 
of wood, vines, crushed grass, straw, bricks, fruit 
kernels, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, lentils, corn, 
rice, beans, millet, poppy, meals, ground red pepper.

6.) The EMOTION BOOK IS creation of pupils PPVI 
4/5 and 6 and pupils of 8th and 9th grade.

Dear partners and follovers - Enjoy with our last project activity in the first project year  .

We wish you Great summer holidays ! 


“The emotions book” – May-June 2016, Activity no 6 - School Centre for Inclusive Education No 1 Sibiu, Romania

“The emotions book” is the last activity for this school year.
Six classes together with their teachers worked for this activity. The students created different types of books.
The students from kindergarten created a body with different facial expressions.
The students from the 4th grade made a “mobile emotions book” and a “box emotions book”.
The students from the 5th A, 6th B, 7th A and 7th C grade created story books with different emotions.


"The emotions book" - 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece

The emotions book is our last activity for this school year. Pupils had to create a book full of emotions while using several materials. In our school we thought of giving to this activity another dimension thus we created our "emotions face book". The idea was to create a little person with many facial expressions which will be easy for any pupil to choose the face that suits him/her best depending on his or her mood. We hope you like the outcome. We sure loved it even though we still havent't come up with his name!.


"Face Puzzle" activity, March 2016, SEC Can Rigol - Spain

In the "Face puzzle" activity High school students were in charge of offering the activity to pupils with ASD from Primary education. See what happened!