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Slovenian teacher's Impresions about meeting in Sibiu

For me it was good, new experience. Lots of interesting content, that I can use in my work in school.
Since I love to dance, I most  remember dance workshop. In my daily work in school I use dance and games with students, so I got a lot of a new ideas. I also enjoyed at the closing ceremony when we are together - with the students - dance to the rhythms of Romanian music.
Of course each specifically  workshop  gave me some material for my  work in the school.
In short, congratulations to the organizers and thank you for all the beautiful moments spent with all of you!
Tamara Tomašič, special teacher in
dr. Ljudevita Pivka primary school, Ptuj, Slovenia

Each professional mobility is an opportunity to find out and see something new. That's why my visit school in Sibiu and participate in workshops not leave me indifferent. Extremely hospitable, friendly and patient hosts and the whole program performed professionally. As an art educator inspired me activities in the field of fine arts. I learned a lot of new and useful ideas for my daily work. I especially remembered for top-quality performance evening - workshop of art therapy. Such meetings encourage me to greater motivation for learning in all areas of better quality team work, improving social relationships, learning foreign languages ....
Once again, congratulations to the organizers, for  presented and implemented activities on a such professional high level.
Alenka Kosem, art teacher in
dr. Ljudevita Pivka primary school, Ptuj, Slovenia

It was an amazing meeting which wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of CSEI Sibiu teacher's entire team. It was diifferent and unique experience for me in many ways – it promotes intercultural exhanges and the knowladge of a lot of other teaching methods and great ideas of a teachers works with students.

Dear CSEI teachers, students and headmistress, I wish you all the best and thank you again for all the work you have done for the meeting and for Us.
Tanja Nikolovski, special teacher and project coordinator in
dr. Ljudevita Pivka primary school, Ptuj, Slovenia

Travel and staying  in Romania was a special experience for me, because it has exceeded my expectations. I met  open and friendly  teachers  who  show professionalism, creativity, friendliness, openness, ingenuity, ...
Despite the deteriorating environmental conditions, they create pleasant atmosphere at school and  with their creative methods of work they have get great  successes and above all  they bring  smiles on the faces of their students which counts most  in my opinion .
Everything  they showed seemed important to me and useful to remember and later use in our environment.
The Romanian team that has been with us,  was acting in concert, strong bonds of friendship are woven among them, which allows them to practice even more successfully and above all, be happy. I congratulate them, because we felt like  at home with them and accepted, and we all enjoyed the stay. It was just enough of everything: work, education, spiritual food and entertainment. Thank you!
I can not and do not want to expose any workshop, as all interesting were and a lot of work and creativity has been invested in them. I enjoyed every day at work and with socializing.

I have to admit that I was positively surprised by the displayed professionalism, the acceptance we experienced and the historical and cultural sites we visitedin
Borislava Munda,  principal assistant and school psychologist in dr. Ljudevita Pivka primary school, Ptuj, Slovenia



Dear followers,

We are pleased to present  the Making Of our annual calendar. Two years ago ( 2015) the topic of the calendar was "Smiles" and last year was "Glances". This time we have completed the trilogy under the title "The beauty of Feeling". We really hope you like this video and be truly excited as we did while we were working on it with the pupils.

Look, smile, feel.....


PHRONETIK art terapy workshop (

Laura Burnete from Sibiu,  reminded us how was at her workshop after a month.

Klik on the link below and you'll enter to the text and photos on  her blog.


CEE CAN RIGOL - EMOTIONS Trough childrens eyes

We present activity number 7 of the project Artemotion Xpress in Europe. This time the students from Secondary Education have investigated techniques of photography to leave the classroom and hunt emotions with the camera. They have learned a lot, we hope you like the result!"

"Erasmus+ una oportunitat sectore scolar i d'adults" seminar

As a Spanish Erasmus+ coordinator in the CEE Can Rigol - El Prat de Llobregat, on the 26th October  I went to the "Erasmus+ una oportunitat sectore scolar i d'adults" seminar to present our project " Artemotion Xpress in Europe".  
They asked me about our priorities, the impact, dissemination, etc. People were very interested and the education system inspectors gave me congratulations for the presentation and also for all the team because our fantastic project and our job. So dear partners....CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL and thank you for your effort.

Mr. Rodrigo Fafian, spanish school Erasmus+ coordinator


The autumn's surprises" - extra activity_the 4th of November 2016 - CSEI No 1 Sibiu

                      Autumn inspires and fascinates us every time, through the colors, textures, smells and even the emotions, smiles, plans and achievements.
                      We wanted to share with you, our pupils’ creations in order to illustrate some of these feelings.

The emotions through teachers' eyes" - Extra activity_the 3rd of November 2016 Sibiu, Romania .