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Read me, feel me” Activity no 9, January - February 2017 – CSEI No 1 Sibiu, Romania

In this activity, the students and the teachers read or watch fables or stories, which have a hidden message. 
Then, they expressed their thoughts about the fable or the story  using drawing,  painting, acting or making a movie.  
The tales provide a great opportunity for raising the students’ awareness of emotions, for helping them to understand, to express and think about the feelings of others.


"1st Special Education Primay School of Korydallos, presents you activity 9 "Read me Feel me".

In this activity pupils or teachers should read poems, fairy tales or other significant written text with hidden meanings and didactic messages. Afterwards, pupils should feel the meaning of the text and express it while using painting, acting, dancing or singing. 

The activity was graded in difficulty and all the pupils of the school participated and admitted that it was truly fun and didactic."



SEE Can Rigol present a fun summary of our project's activity called "READ ME - FEEL ME"

Dear followers,

Pupils from the Transition to Adult Life Programme ( OTVA ) of SEC Can Rigol present a fun summary of our project's activity number 9 called "READ ME - FEEL ME". They read an Aesop's famos fable, The Hare and the turtle, and also watched a short animated movie. After that they discussed about what is the lesson we can take from this fable. In addition pupils expressed their feelings and emotions about the story, the characters and the whole activity process.
Do you want to know more about it? Then play the video! Subtitles available in English!



The students took part in photo workshops, they learned how to take pictures and next we did the pictures of one another and....recognised the emotions :)
We also met with our City President, Mr Damian Bartyla and took pictures of him.
We had photo workshops with the students from Lower-Secondary School no. 7 in Bytom.

Poland presents..... THE EMOTIONS BOOK.

Poland presents..... THE EMOTIONS BOOK.
The students took part in art workshops, they created self-portraits using ordinary materials such as paper, crayons, markers. Next, they used iPads and Stop Motion annimation technique that physically manipulates the pictures with movable joints so that they appear to move on their own. They also used Stop Motion taking pictures of one another.
The students took part in art workshops connected with Land Art. We went for a trip to Segiet Nature Sanctuary, picked leaves, logs, stones, branches, cones, chestnuts etc. and later we made the paintings with the names of emotions using natural materials. At the end, we painted with the spray. It was a good opportunity for a team work.


Article about Secondary Education pupils who created an animated short film in CEE CAN RIGOL

Dear partners and followers,

Mr. Antonio Iturbe, Director of the magazine "Librújula", did us the honor of writing an article on our Secondary Education pupils who created an animated short film. The movie, which is an extra activity of our Erasmus + project, is about our city movie theater "Capri" belonging to a film lover's family who keeps on fighting against major commercial theaters and foreign businessmen eager to buy them out. It is still to be completed and will premiere soon.

Hope you find it interesting! "



Dear partners and followers,

Every year a team of professionals from the SEC Can Rigol prepares a calendar in which the students are the protagonists. This year our calendar has been turned into an extra activity of Artemotion Xpress in Europe. We want to share with you all the work from the last term and how the team made this calendar. Please click on the image to open the presentation, hope you like it!